Songbook and CD

Tracks for Change — Songs of Struggle and Hope

The idea behind this Songbook and CD is to provide  a resource that music teachers and choir directors can use for the purpose of bringing knowledge of some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories and histories to schools and to community choirs through song.  We chose specific songs which we sing with our hearts, to offer alternatives to some of the myths that have been widely repeated since colonisation commenced in 1778.

Tracks for Change cover.indd  Tracks for Change CD cover

On the CD we sing to tell people’s stories and to promote understanding and acceptance of the rich cultural contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders make to society.  Some of the songs on the CD have become traditional, such as the Torres Strait Island song of welcome and farewell — “Baba Waiyar” written by Uncle Miseron Levi of Moa Island.  Other songs have been written more recently, such as “Strong Black Woman” written by Barry Malezer to honour some of the wonderful Aboriginal women in his life and “Stolen Child” written as a poem by our Patron Sam Watson.

It is our fervent belief and hope that the songs in the Songbook and on the CD can increase awareness and understanding of Australia’s First Nations people and that they can contribute to a more equitable society.

Please email if you would like to purchase a Songbook and CD or CD.


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